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Engineered Communications is an authorized distributor for Federal Signal siren products.

For additional product information, recommendations or pricing please contact an Engineered Communications representative by calling 412-344-9000.

2001-130 - The #1 Selling Siren Better than Ever!

Federal's New 2001-130 is the first 48VDC 130dB(C) at 100ft/30m rated siren in the market.

The new design utilizes the same 48VDC motor which has been The patented advanced motor and rotor/stator design provides the most reliable and highest quality outdoor warning siren available today. The 2001-130 can be controlled by land lines or radio, and can produce three signals for various applications.  The siren can be purchased for AC-only, DC-only or AC with automatic battery back-up operation.

New Features
  • 130dB(C) +/- 1dB at 100ft/30m
  • Three distinct signals to choose from: WAIL, STEADY and FAST WAIL
  • Full battery operation or battery backup
  • The 2001 siren series supplies a minimum of 15 minutes of full power output from its batteries after AC power loss
  • UL Listed Siren Controllers
  • Two DC motors: one for rotation, the other for Sound Pressure Output
  • Full 360 degree continuous rotation
  • Corrosive resistant powder-coated paint
  • Aluminum construction
  • For more information at grant funding options for the 2001-130 siren visit, and search "2001-130 siren".


The Eclipse8 is the newest siren developed and now manufactured by Federal Signal.

It is a part of the Eclipse Siren Series that also includes the EclipseNH. This new siren is a mid-range, DC-powered, omni-directional unit that is ideal for outdoor warning. Unlike the EclipseNH, the Eclipse8 has 8 projector horns that gives this highly efficient siren the ability to produce a maximum sound pressure level of 115 dBC at 100 feet. The siren can have full battery operation or it can have battery back-up. It also operates from 46VDC and utilizes the DC motor of Federal Signal’s 2001 Siren for proven reliability.

The Eclipse8 is the perfect solution for preparing a community for any All-Hazard event.

Modulator Series Siren

Federal Signal's Modulator Series Siren, a family of electronic sirens, produces high intensity warning signals over a large area. A Modulator siren consists of an omni-directional speaker array and a siren control unit/battery cabinet (purchased separately - see the UltraVoice Electronic Siren Controller). A highly efficient design enables the siren to produce a high sound level, while making moderate demands on the battery power source.

The innovative Modulator Siren Series speaker array consists of modules that utilize four (4) 100-watt drivers per module. The Modulator is available in several models rated from 106 to 125 dBC at 100ft/30m.

Signal Description: The Modulator Siren Series controller provides a flat frequency response from 200 to 2000 Hz for excellent voice reproduction and with the MCP Controller produces warning signals such as:

  • Custom tones can be purchased upon special request.


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